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Show notes

Hello friends! I am so excited to bring you the trailer for the second season of this podcast! And not only that (!) I will also be changing the name of the podcast to have it reflect the direction that I’m going with it. So, the new name is….. *drumroll* Holistic Marketing!!! I will still be interviewing experts and successful women entrepreneurs on how they built their success, but the content I will share is going to be more focused in on how you can leverage holistic marketing to attract and convert your people into paying clients.


I’ll quickly reintroduce myself so that you get the background for why I’m making this transition and then I’ll tell you what to expect from the Holistic Marketing Podcast!


So, I am a certified entrepreneur coach who help you leverage the power of your subconscious mind and holistic marketing to sign more clients.


Background in Marketing

As some of you might know, marketing is my jam. I’ve got a Bachelor of Commerce with a triple major in Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship as well as a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing. I’ve worked as a marketing consultant helping small, medium and large companies increase visibility through social media, SEO and all the rest. I’ve got over a decade of experience in marketing and working with entrepreneurs.


Certifications and Studies in Psychology & Spirituality

HOWEVER; I am also passionately interested in psychology, self-development and spirituality and have over the years done multiple certifications within energy healing, inner child modalities and studied anything I’ve been able to get my hands on about trauma informed psychology, transpersonal psychology, parapsychology, somatic experiencing, parts work, shadow work, all sorts of coaching modalities and the list keeps going. So, I’m super excited about the spirit-mind-body connection and how we can utilize it to build thriving businesses that allows us to live the life we would really love to live.


Bridging Marketing with Psychology and Spirituality

So, as you can see, bridging marketing with psychology and spirituality is a natural turn to take. Also, the more I’ve coached, the more I’ve realized what you all are struggling with in building your businesses isn’t the technicalities of marketing. Anyone can jump on YouTube and figure out how to create a reel or a TikTok video. Anyone can Google their way to all of the “How To’s”, but what’s actually stopping people is what’s going on inside of our own heads. Holistic Marketing isn’t a term you can look up in the dictionary, but a term that I’ve created emphasizing the importance of a holistic perspective when marketing. We’re in the people’s business, and so human connection with ourselves and our clients is what will give us the best results – not mechanical, rigid marketing. That’s not even fun, so why do it? Holistic marketing allows us to be human with human brains and takes your uniqueness into account. It takes all of YOU into perspective so that you can bring forth the best of yourself and your offer in a way that is in integrity with your values and feels good to your soul.


What’s Actually Stopping You From Doing Marketing that Sells

The reason you don’t have marketing that converts into paying clients is because of your limiting beliefs around yourself, your offer and your clients. It’s procrastination, postponing posting or the dread of going on an Instagram live. It’s the self-doubt that is stopping you from reaching out to get interviewed by podcasters. You tell yourself that you don’t have time for all of the things, you tell yourself “who am I to talk about this”? “ and “there are already so many skilled people within my industry and I’ll never be able to talk about things as eloquently and brilliantly as them”. You might think that you don’t like marketing your business and that you’ll outsource it to someone as soon as you earn enough to do so. All of this affects the quality of the content that you put out and the frequency of putting yourself “out there”. So, if you look closer at these thoughts, it becomes clear that we’re telling ourselves excuses to avoid the discomfort, the fear of failure, not being good enough or fear or downright rejection. It does not have one bit to do with your actual ability to market yourself. Again, anyone can figure out the technicalities, anyone can market for free on Instagram or any other social media platform, so why is it that some make so much more money from it than others?


That’s what I’ll teach you through this podcast. I’ll teach you how to attract and convert followers into paying clients by using holistic marketing. Looking at the WHOLE picture and not just the details. We start with the most important element in which everything else ripples out from; YOU. Your mindset is always are the first domino that will kick all of the other pieces to place. I will help you get that part all set so that you marketing your services feels fun, purposeful and that you’re a part of a community that is making a real change in the world.


Share the Love

If this is something that you’re excited to learn more about, stay tuned for all the juicy content that is to come here! Also, if you have any entrepreneurial friends who would be excited about holistic marketing, invite them to join us! Send them this podcast so that I can help them too!

xx Martine



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