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Mindful Living with Athea Davis

How to Successfully Share Your Ideas with Martine Thomassen

Martine and I talk about:  ~ her journey into holistic marketing;  ~ what holistic marketing is and why you want to know about it (because sharing your ideas makes a difference for others);  ~ how to shift your inner narrative about marketing, particularly if you have a negative perspective;  ~ why marketing is a must to make an impact;  ~ how to transform roadblocks that may get in the way of you sharing your ideas;  ~ tips to move past perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and procrastination;  ~ digital media strategy tips;  ~ and so much more! 

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When it Worked Podcast

Does Imposter Syndrome Hold You Back - Martine Thomassen

In this episode, Martine Thomassen talks all about what often holds people back from marketing themselves and growing their businesses. She talks about imposter syndrome and how to overcome it.

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Podcast marketing

What Is Shadow Work And How Does It Help You - Ft. Martine Thomassen

In this episode, Martine Thomassen talks all about shadow work. She shares what shadow work is, how it transforms you, your life and your reality. If you are ready to dive into shadow work, you don’t want to miss this episode!
• How to direct your life towards what you really want by knowing your subconscious
• How to use Shadow Work to break free from your habits and patterns that you may be doing unknowingly
• The benefits of doing shadow work to help you recognize and work through your triggers

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Martine Thomassen Coach Podcast

How To Recognize and Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs with Martine Thomassen

Martine is an entrepreneur coach and host of The Conscious Woman Entrepreneur Podcast. She believes that the world is changed by brave individuals who follow their passions and stand up for what they believe to be right. This is why she is committed to helping women grow impactful businesses while making a great living. I also believe that if we earn more, we can give more to causes that are close to our hearts. Combining deep mindset work, embodiment and strategy work with evidence based coaching techniques, Martine helps you get from where you are now to where you want to be in the fastest, most sustainable way for you specifically.

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Martine Thomassen Podcast Interview

What is Stopping You From Finding Success with Martine Thomassen

Today I'm joined by the lovely Martine Thomassen! Martine is a certified entrepreneur coach who helps women entrepreneurs overcome limiting beliefs, sign more clients and grow purposeful businesses. Everything we create in our reality starts with our thoughts and beliefs. Therefore, if we lack confidence in ourselves, don't feel good enough, experience imposter syndrome, get stuck in comparison with others, or any other belief that is not serving us, it will be reflected in our business. I'm so excited for you to hear this interview! Let's dive in!

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Martine Thomassen Podcast Interview

How to Manage Your Limiting Beliefs with Martine Thomassen

In this episode we hear from Martine Thomassen who through studying how to be an entrepreneur in her education years, gained the foundations to then launch her own business when she was ready.  Having been a digital marketer as well as an artist, she has now launched her own coaching business specializing in helping female entrepreneurs overcome their limiting beliefs, which is just one area among many that she helps clients to conquer.  Martine talks through the differences between mentors and coaches, how to work with that inner critic that can sometimes do so much damage in our every day and how to really master personal energy levels. 
Martine’s advice:  Try!  You fail in advance if you don’t try. Recognize and acknowledge your feelings, then choose to think more empowering thoughts that will serve you better. Remember that enthusiasm will show, just as negativity will. Win or learn, failure can be instructive and useful. Pay attention to your feelings and care for them; they need to be looked after. Take proper time off and have complete breaks from work. Keep learning - listen to podcasts can be inspirational while you exercise or do any task. Believe in yourself, in your client, in your product - if you don’t, you won’t be convincing when it comes to pricing. If you are female, organize your work around your cycle and those weeks when you have more energy. Recognize your achievements, congratulate yourself even on the small wins. Self-trust, keep your word to yourself - if you trust yourself this will in turn boost your self-confidence. Surround yourself with like-minded people as well as those who are one step ahead to help support you.

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Martine Thomassen Coach Interview

Overcome Limiting Beliefs with Martine Thomassen

Today's episode has special guest Martine Thomassen. She is a women entrepreneur coach who helps women in so many different areas. Not only does she share so much wisdom, but also her tips and tricks! You do NOT want to miss this episode. Tune in now!

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10 Holistic Marketing hacks to sign more clients:

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