Living your Dharma and daring to make the leap

How can we offer more through a career as opposed to a business?

 Yes, this is a podcast for entrepreneurs. However, I wanted to kick this whole thing off with a bigger perspective. As entrepreneurs, we can be so focused on making an impact and building wealth ONLY through our business. Thus, we often forget how much we can do through a career. Allow yourself to open up to the possibilities. ENJOY!

Show notes

Hi friends, I’m so excited to have you here with me today, listening in on the very first episode of the Conscious Women Entrepreneurs Podcast! This episode is a brief introduction to what this podcast is about and what I’ll offer you through this journey – as well as some insight into my story and who I am.

In this podcast I will interview conscious women entrepreneurs on how they’ve built their successful businesses. 

And, with “conscious” I mean women who are conscious of health, mindfulness, self care as well as the environment and sustainability”. Now: 

  • Who are these women? 
  • What made them take the leap to become an entrepreneur? 
  • What do they do differently? 
  • What has been critical for their success? 
  • How do they use both spiritual principles AND take action to live life on their terms? 

You’ll get deep, vulnerable stories, a healthy dose of spirituality, and a good chunk of laughter. Furthermore, I interview experts on relevant topics but also share my own tips, insights and experiences from MY entrepreneurial journey, as well as golden nugget and success stories from my amazing coaching clients.

This podcast is for you if you’re an entrepreneur, soulpreneur, a leader, or just super interested in self development, spirituality, mindful entrepreneurship and living in alignment with your calling.

Now, I thought I’d introduce myself, letting you know a bit more about my story and what I’m offering:

I’m born and raised in Oslo, Norway. With a grandma who was all about herbs, natural remedies and nutrition, in addition to aunties who are into mindfulness and spirituality, I was drawn to holistic practices at a very young age. However, when I finished high school at the age of 19 I got on a plane to Perth, Australia to do my bachelor degree in Commerce – with a triple major in marketing, management and entrepreneurship. Half way through my degree I started going out with an Aussie bloke, Nick, who, at the time, played for the Western Australia State rugby team and would later go on to play for the national team. After I finished my Bachelor I strongly considered going back to school – this time to do a bachelor of health science in Naturopathy. I had eagerly been digging into natural remedies for years to support Nick’s recovery from sports injury and therefore considered devoting myself to the path of holistic and natural therapy.

However, I decided against it as I found the nitty gritty details of the science was not really my zone of genius. Instead I embarked on a journey that took me from corporate jobs, working at the royal Norwegian consulate, as a consultant in a marketing agency, to living and working as a full time artist making oil paintings in Japan – all the while I freelanced helping entrepreneurs online. Since then I’ve moved back to Norway, done a masters degree in digital marketing and helped lots of entrepreneurs grow their businesses. I’ve also deepened my knowledge of local herbs, wildcrafting, essential oils – aaaand shoved all my alternative, holistic fun fun onto my current boyfriend. For being carpenter and engineer and all, he’s pretty open though.  

SO, a lifelong obsession that has led me to become the coach I am today is my passion for human potential; physically (through natural approaches), mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This brings everything full circle for me. I get to help evidence based natural therapy practitioners release emotional and subconscious resistance to grow their practices. Using my education and skills in entrepreneurship, marketing and management coupled with more than a decade of experience in self-development, psychology, strategy, mindset and evidence based coaching techniques, I can help these practitioners build successful businesses. That is my mission.

Now that you know a little bit about this show and my story, I’d like to turn the focus onto you. 

I’d love to make this show interactive and interview people that YOU want to hear from or that you think should be featured. Therefore, head over to my Instagram account, @coachmartinethomassen, and tag the person you want to hear from under any of the “New Episode” posts.

Thank you so much for listening in on my very first podcast episode, and bear with me – the production quality will improve as I get a handle on the technical aspects – SO, make sure to subscribe to follow me on this journey!



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