Have you ever thought

"I wish clients would just come to ME" ?

You’re a coach, and you LOVE coaching people. You really feel that you’ve found your calling. BUT! There is COACHING, and then there’s the BUSINESS of coaching. And you feel icky about marketing your business.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You resist “putting yourself out there”
  • You don’t know what to post
  • You struggle to be consistent in your marketing
  • You don’t feel that your messaging or copy is on point
  • You’re uncertain about what niche to go for
  • You procrastinate when you had planned to work on your marketing
  • Your ideas get written in the notes on your phone, but then gets left to die alone and unseen
  • You don’t know how to get people to reach out and ask to work with you…
…and all you want is to just HELP people through your coaching!
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Your mind gets in the way (because it's trying to protect you)

  • When you set out to create content, you obsess over all the details.
  • Posting on social media becomes more about getting the pictures or graphics “right” than ACTUALLY helping your people
  • Writing emails takes aaaaages, because you don’t know what to write, and you want them to be perfect.
  • You feel yuck about sharing what you *really want to say* because… WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK, right?!


You’re not feeling shitty about marketing because

you're just bad at marketing

Conventional marketing includes technology and consumer psychology. The most important component for a coach or solopreneur has been left out: YOUR psychology

...and that's the problem

Wait, what?! Let me explain:

Technology = the medium you choose

This could be Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, podcasts etc. The technology is just the container where you show up and interact with people.

Consumer Psychology = what makes people buy
This is about what to say or write, what CTAs (call to actions) to use and how to position the offer based on the demographics (age, gender, profession etc.) and psychographics (their interests) to make people buy. There’s often an underlying vibe of persuasion …which is probably one of the reasons why you might dislike the idea of marketing. In this digital age, humans have been reduced to likes, engagement rates, number of followers and general data points for data driven ads. This too feels repelling, not to mention; complicated! AND, it’s a stark contrast to what we coaches are about; to have our clients be seen, heard, understood and work WITH their humanity – not against it.


YOUR Psychology = The energy driving your marketing

Technology and consumer psychology becomes secondary if you get this piece right. If you don’t think that

  1. You are THE BEST coach for your people
  2. That YOUR coaching offer is the best for your clients
  3. That there are people that want to buy your offer
  4. That they want it NOW

…then people who interact with your content is not going to think so either. They won’t reach out to work with you. Our subconscious beliefs seeps through our content, and people pick up on that shit.

BUT! When you get these four elements right… You become MAGNETIC! People come out from everywhere asking to work with you. 

I help you do it in a way where marketing actually feels FUN, FULFILLING - and becomes something you WANT to do!

I will teach you how to love marketing just as much as coaching – and attract more clients as a result of it!

What my clients say

Hanna Frydenberg Coach

I have been trying to find my voice in the online space for a while. Martine helped me tremendously with clarifying the language in my messaging, and how to communicate the essence of my business in a simple way. I can warmly recommend her to anyone who needs help with marketing themselves as a coach.

– Hanna Frydenberg – Feminine health coach

Martine was able to help me dig into my resistance around playing big in my business and we uncovered the source of it. WOW such a shift for me, now that I am consciously aware of this pattern I am able to work on transforming it! Thank you so much Martine for your presence, professionalism and intuition!

– Sandra Dowsett / Financial coach

Sandra Dowsett Coach
Olga Divakova Coach

“I’ve had a strong desire to publish my content for several years, but have been stuck. With Martine’s coaching, I was able to pinpoint the underlying personal fears that were holding me back. For the first time, I could visualize how to build my project while taking my strengths, values and boundaries into consideration. Together we found avenues to launch my project in a way that felt safe and to grow sustainably, reaching my target audience internationally. I’m so excited about my huge shift after coaching with Martine, I recommend her services with all my heart.

– Olga Divakova / Health, wellness and beauty advocate

“I’ve come a long way with my relationship to money, having moved from ‘never enough’ to ‘always enough’. However, I wanted to discover how to receive ‘more than enough’. Martine was able to catapult me to a new level of understanding, getting to the heart of what has been holding me back. After our coaching I felt lifted, inspired and changed! I’m so excited to see my new reality unfold!”

– GINA BROWN / Inner child practitioner

Gina Brown Coach

Okay, say no more! My business needs this!

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