Easy Marketing for Naturopaths

What are the 4 most important steps to attract clients through marketing?

In this episode, I’ll walk you through the four vital steps to create effective marketing for naturopaths and other entrepreneurs. Listen to the episode and let me know if you want a Vol. 2 with more in-depth details on this topic!

Show notes

Hello friends, and welcome to episode 6 of the Conscious Women Entrepreneurs Podcast!
I’m your host, Martine Thomassen and today I’m super excited to talk about marketing and how to do it in an easy AND effective way. 


My Background and expertise 

Some of you might not know, but I have a Bachelor of commerce with a triple major in marketing management and entrepreneurship, as well as a masters degree in digital marketing. I have also worked as a consultant creating effective marketing strategies and campaigns for small, medium and large businesses. So I’ve got about a decade of professional experience within marketing and a similar amount of experience in helping entrepreneurs. 


On the background of that, I’ve been able to test what works, what doesn’t, what’s essential, what’s nice to have (but not essential) and what’s fluff. 

Defining Marketing

According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”


In other words; marketing is as easy as letting people know what you do, the value of it, and how to get it.  I see a lot of people over complicating it and always striving to do the latest thing. In the end, we’re in the people’s business and people will be people. We want to be seen, understood and find solutions to our problems.


I did a poll on my instagram to see what was the most wanted topic for the next podcast episode. The unanimous vote was for easy marketing. I see so many naturopaths who are spending way too much time and effort on trying to get the marketing “perfect”. What I’m going to teach you here is applicable for any entrepreneur, so if you have entrepreneurial friends, make sure to share this podcast episode with them! I’m just using naturopaths as an example, because that’s who I specialize in working with. 


So here we are! I’m going to make this really easy for you, so keep listening! 


The 4 Easy Marketing Steps to Get Clients 

I’ll give you the overview first and then I’ll explain more about each step.

  1. Get in front of as many people as possible
  2. Tell them that you’re a Naturopath (share what you do)
  3. Make your content relevant to people (share what you know) 
  4. Make offers (share how you can help) 

So, here is the breakdown: 


1. Get in front of as many people as possible

This could be physically or virtually. In these times, getting in front of a lot of people is easiest done online, so I’ll give you a few tips on how to do that. However, I encourage you to sit down and brainstorm how many ways you can get in front of as many people as possible. Some suggestions are:

  • Get more followers on Instagram
  • Collaborate with others to leverage each other’s audience 
  • Get interviewed on podcasts
  • Guest blog for someone with relevant audiences 
  • Have competitions where you have people invite friends to follow you
  • Host challenges where you have people invite friends to follow you
  • Etc.

Remember, the magic is in the masses. The more people who see you, the higher the likelihood that more people will want to invest in your services. 


2. Tell them that you’re a Naturopath (share what you do)

In this step, you essentially just share what you do. If your focus is on Instagram, this is easily done by writing it in your bio, or if you’re getting interviewed, it’s presented in the introduction. Although it might seem small, it’s vitally important. Here’s the twist though; I find a lot of naturopaths to be a bit uneasy about their title in the meeting of new people – especially those who don’t know what it is. So if this is you, what will help you immensely is to think about the most confident naturopath you know. What do they think about their profession? How would you feel about presenting yourself if you had those thoughts? How would you actually present yourself as a naturopath if you felt this way? Your vibe determines how people react to your message, so practice standing in your power. Personally, I believe that naturopath is the universe’s gift to humanity in terms of health. Your work is SO important and you’re so needed!


3. Make your content relevant to people (share what you know) 

In this step, you share what you know. Remember, even if you’re a student studying naturopathy, you still know SO much more about health than the average person. Don’t underestimate yourself and don’t normalize what you know. Just because it’s obvious to you, doesn’t mean that it’s obvious to those you speak to! One thing to remember here is that people are only concerned about what they will gain from investing in a service – NOT the features of it. So, always keep the end in mind. Meaning: Whenever you share what you know, make sure to think about what people will gain from consuming that piece of content. Instead of talking about glucocorticoid, talk about how stress affects the body in simple language and what to do about it. If you do include technical terms and difficult words, make sure to make it a super short, explaining piece of educational content. Otherwise you’ll lose people. The basic gist is: Share what you know, and speak “normal people’s language”. 


4. Make offers (share how you can help) 

The final step in marketing is to make offers. Much like step 3, you need to make it relevant and think about what the people will gain from taking you up on the offer. There are many types of offers. A direct offer is when you use a CTA or a “call-to-action” where you tell people how they can work with you. An example can be that you share some content on menstruation pain and at the end of it you say or write: If you experience this, send me a DM with the word “period” to get a free consultation. This method should be used sparingly so that your message doesn’t become salesy. However, it’s beneficial to be making lots of offers to attract more clients. The more indirect methods are also super effective. An offer is an invitation to:

  • Learn more about you
  • Get them thinking
  • Deepen your relationship
  • Engage on your posts and stories
  • Inquire with you

Keep your Intention Pure and your Energy Clear 

As I mentioned earlier, your vibe determines how people react to your message. Therefore, when you create a post, story, blog post, podcast episode or any other content or offer. Make sure to check in to see if your intention is pure and your energy is clean. When you create content from a space of “I just have to get this done” vs “I’m so passionate about this topic, and it can help so many”, the vibe will shine through! So, make sure your content and offers are inviting. Being flat and matter-of-fact is not very engaging. However, being over the top excited can also have a repelling effect. Be authentically you, and make sure you are coming from a pure  space of service when you create your offers.

  • How is your energy?
  • How is your tone?
  • What is your level of certainty?
  • What is your belief about yourself and the offer? 

I want you to really get this and to remind yourself that THE most important things to get clients with marketing are what I’ve been teaching you today. Like I said, this is coming from someone with tonnes of experience in all the most advanced digital marketing strategies and campaigns, analysing and tweaking and optimizing. 


I know a lot of you are thinking about having the perfect niche, elevator pitch, branding colors, fonts etc and that you are looking into advanced marketing funnels. That’s all well and good, but at the core, (and what I discovered when I wrote my master thesis on digital marketing), is that value trumps visuals any day. 


However, I’m thinking of creating an easy marketing episode volume 2 where I speak about niches and funnels and let you know the easiest ways to use them. I would also talk about what social media channels to be on and how to make the most of them in an easy way. If this is something you’re interested in knowing more about, make sure to take a screenshot of this episode, tag me in it on your Insta story and let me know that you want the volume 2. Also, make sure to subscribe to this podcast so that you get the notification when the episode released!


Thank you so much for listening in today and I hope you got lots of insights and maybe even feel more at ease with marketing. Remember, less complicated = more value shared – just focus on the 4 most important steps. 


Have a great week!



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