Stop making marketing harder than it is.

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Here is how most coaches over complicate getting their marketing and offers out - and how to fix it!

Hello lovelies, it’s been a minute! Today we’re going to talk about consistency in your marketing, so make sure to sharpen your ears on this one, because it’s gonna be good!

First, though, I want to give you a quick life update! My boyfriend and I have moved! It’s an old house – from the 60’s and NOTHING has been done on the house since then. SO, needless to say, we’re in for a hell of a renovation! But, on the flip side, we get to make it custom to our desires. Also, it’s a big bonus for me that my partner is an engineer and a carpenter – and I enjoy renovating and interior stuff. Now, I HAVE TO tell you what happened when we came to get the keys. It’s hilarious and slightly shocking. The old owners thought that it was okay that they could live there for a few more days even though the house now was legally ours, so they hadn’t even STARTED  packing to move. So, we have over the past weeks, not only mover out of our own apartment and into the new (well… old) house, we’ve also moved all of the shit from the old owners out of this house. That  in addition to rennovating to the point where we can actually live here.

So, ya’ll I just wanted to let you in on this behind the scenes situation to let you know that LIFE HAPPENS FOR EVERYONE. And that it’s okay to take a step back from your social media, podcast and so on to take care of other business for a while. Also, I’ve signed 3 more 1:1 clients in the period of 6 weeks where I did virtually NOTHING for my marketing. And, that’s the beauty of building a body of work that speaks for itself AND to get your clients such great results that they refer people to you. 

Now, let’s dive into some consistency GOODNESS!! 

I want to give you a tiny bit of tough love today. In a good way – because it’ll help you immensely! Our brains love to generalize. That way it conserves energy for other things that might threaten us or require us to use everything we’ve got to survive. We’re biologically wired this way. The tech nerd in me likes to compare our brains to gadgets’ default settings. Because we’ve kind of got hardware and software when it comes to our brain and mind. We have programming that runs from conditioning, trauma, experiences and so on. So, our phone might have a default language set up, or a default ringtone etc. And we get to customize the settings to what we want the phone to be like. In the same way, while our brain is biologically wired to generalize to conserve energy, the brain is also plastic. Meaning, we can create new neural pathways and thereby create new beliefs, habits and ultimately new realities for ourselves. 

The people living now have been referred to as “Generation Information”. Not only have we got access to the internet and have the ability to buy any book we want on self development, psychology, spirituality etc. More and more people study psychology in school or go to a therapist themselves. And while this is AMAZING – I mean everyone should get therapy at some point or study psychology in my opinion..! We can start to use our trauma and hardships as excuses. If we’re being honest with ourselves, we can lean on our stories of visibility trauma so that we don’t have to feel the discomfort or pressure of posting on social media every week. 

Getting Consistent In Marketing

What I see with most coaches that come to me is that they make the fact that they’re not showing up consistently bigger than it has to be. They try to find the source of the problem, the very point in time when they were little that made them afraid of speaking their truth, taking up space or whatever. While, yes, this definitely has a place in healing, I see that a lot of coaches use this against themselves. It makes them feel more stuck than ever before. It makes them feel like now they have to heal all of their trauma – and potentially generational trauma before they can start marketing their coaching business and attracting more clients. 

Now, here comes the tough love, and I promise, you’ll thank me later!

Marketing Can Be Easy

Marketing is LITTERALLY answering the question: “How can I help my ideal client one little bit today?” Like, what is a small tip or hack that I can share. Or; how can I say one simple thing that occurred to me that might be helpful for the right person? 

THAT’S IT! It really doesn’t have to be more complicated than that! Social media is a place people go to get a dopamine hit, to get entertained, to escape the task that they’re “supposed to do” or they’re literally sitting on the toilet scrolling! Posting on social media IS NOT a place people go to get deep and solid education. It’s about small, bite sized hits. 

So, based on that; I’m saying that you might be making marketing harder than it is. And, I’ve mentionned this over and over again – but I think it’s worth saying it again; I’ve got a fucking

Master’s degree in Digital Marketing and I have over a decade of experience working as a digital marketing manager. I’ve lived and worked in Europe, Australia and Asia – so when I say; it doesn’t have to be complicated – I MEAN IT! 

For the next thing I’m about to say, I want you to be open minded and to be as honest with yourself as possible. If you feel called out, GOOD! Because when our brain reacts that way, it’s primed to make a change. You know how it goes right, humans generally don’t change unless it’s some sort of discomfort of staying the same. Okay, so here we go – open yourself up to the possibility that this might be you: 

Sometimes part of the problem of you not marketing consistently is: 

  • You’re just being lazy
  • You just don’t feel like it 
  • You’re simply not prioritizing the task 

Our brains don’t like doing shit that feels heavy to us. And there’s NOTHING wrong with this – you get to do whatever the hell you want with your life, your marketing and your business. You get to do NOTHING! That being said, you want to be honest with yourself as to WHY you’re not doing what you’re saying that you want to do. This way you’re also starting to build SELF TRUST, which is hugely important when you’re running your own business. 

Okay, so here are some more ways that could get in the way of you marketing: 

Sometimes your psychological patterns get in the way: 

  • You think that it HAS to be done in a certain way because other coaches do it that way. Example; you think that you have to do a photoshoot and get a color and font -theme on Instagram. You think that you have to dress or speak the same way that another coach that you look up to do. You think that to be successful like them, you have to copy their way of showing up – but it’s just becoming this HUGE barrier for you to show up – because it’s not you, it’s not aligned and congruent to who you really are
  • Perfectionism gets you thinking it’s not good enough. Example: You don’t trust that what you write or say is good enough, so you write it in your notes and go back to tweak it 10 times and then you take it into Canva to make it look good. At the end of the day you spend so much time on one post that you feel exhausted and end up not posting at all because you know it’ll take you forever to put it out on the GRAM

All of that being said; any pattern, or like many like to call it: ways of self sabotaging are just habituated patterns. Meaning; Perfectionism is just a habit of questioning yourself and what you do because in the past, there was an undesirable consequence to doing it wrong or BEING wrong.

Changing Habituated Patterns to Improve Your Marketing

The good news is that any habituated pattern can be changed into a new and more desirable pattern. Again, just like default settings in the software on a phone can be changed, so can our programming. It starts with our thoughts. 

I also want to mention that I’ve also done a freakin’ mind blowing certification in coaching the subconscious mind recently. Because it’s estimated that about 90% of our beliefs and habituated patterns are subconscious, coaching the subconscious mind makes the change in my clients go so much faster. I mean, they were getting amazing results before, but now it’s just at a whole new dimension. It’s actually ridiculous! 

Here’s what one of my clients said after our first session this week;

“My mind is officially BLOWN! I feel like my marketing is elevated to a whole new level just after ONE session with you!!! I can’t even imagine what my marketing and business will be like after doing your whole program! THANK YOU!!!!”

So how does it work? There’s a tonne of tools, but one of the things that I do is that I help my  clients put in place so-called pattern interrupts. So, when they are about to for example go into a perfectionistic habit, they have techniques to re-route that thought so that a new and more helpful thought can come in instead.  

Alrighty coaches, that’s it for today! Now, instead of bouncing off to the next  podcast episode right away, I invite you to do some introspection around what you’ve learned here. Maybe you had  a bit of an aha – maybe you want to make some changes because of it. Remember that taking action on what we learn is the fastest way to grow! Consumption and learning is only a small fraction. What really moves the needle is embodiment of those things you learn.

Okay, bye for now! 

xx Martine

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