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If you're a coach who struggle with being consistent in your marketing, listen on! Here are the best tips to create results in your marketing

Hello friend! We are one month down in 2022 – 11 months to GO! How fast is it going?! Oh my goodness – time is FLYING! So, how is it going so far? Are you still sticking with your new year’s resolutions? You know, if we don’t have our mind in the right space, it will be super hard to stick with anything. So, that’s why I wanted to talk to you about being consistent in marketing.  


If you’re anything like MOST PEOPLE, you’re probably finding it really hard to be consistent in your marketing and business. So many people struggle with this. So, first of all, I want to define consistency: Cambridge dictionary defines consistency as: The quality of always behaving or performing in a similar way, or of always happening in a similar way.


Doesn’t feel very inspiring or expansive, does it? I know that my creative, fun seeking, expression loving self feels totally trapped by the thought of that.


So, I want to introduce you to a more inspiring and empowering way of thinking about showing up for your people. Because that’s what marketing is: you showing up for as many of your people as possible, talking about what you love and then offering to help them.


Marketing as a Coach

When you repeatedly think the thought “I should be posting”, “I should be posting”, “I should be posting!” …you probably feel like you’re failing or you’re at least not feeling very inspired about it. You’re hung up on the POSTING in and of itself. This is what I call “obligation posting” – you feel obligated to post, because you SHOULD. For the record, shoulding drains you of energy! Do you know what will FUEL you? Focusing on talking about what you LOVE! Focusing on how you can HELP PEOPLE and then sharing that! How much can you help your people every single day?


Because, posting just to post is like going on a date based on telling yourself that you SHOULD – and not because you actually LIKE the person. It’ a waste of your time and it’s a waste of theirs.


Obligation posting is not going to be scroll-stopping material. It’s not going to be very inspiring. It’s going to be as “meh” for the reader as it is for you as the person sharing it.


So, instead of trying to FORCE yourself to be “consistent”, you’d want to find out WHY you are so resistant to posting on social media. This is the FIRST STEP. If you had no resistance to posting, you’d be posting ALL THE TIME!


What are you afraid will happen if you post? What are you afraid will NOT happen if you post?


If you actually take the time to answer these questions for yourself, you will not only greatly improve your self-awareness. You will also have YOUR PERSONAL reasons why you’re not being consistent. I see a lot of people in the marketing industry trying to teach how to be consistent – but if we have internal resistance, it’s like throwing glitter on shit. It’s still a load of smelly shit. We want to remove the poo-poo and then start spreading the sparkle around once it’s cleaned up. Sorry to those of you that are very visual – I’m not meaning to gross you our!

Step 2 is to look at your reasons for your resistance. So, for example, you might tell yourself that what you share isn’t good enough and that there are people out there that are way better than you. Okay, so first of all “good enough” for who? What does “good enough” even mean? The deeper reason behind the fear of not being good enough is rejection. As human beings, being rejected is one of the most ultimate emotional pains. We’re biologically wired to fear rejection.


But let’s look at it from s factual perspective; what would be the worst-case scenario of being rejected. You might think, “people will think I’m a weirdo”, and think “who the hell does she think she is”. You might think “I’m a new coach, I’m a fraud for talking about these things”.


Okay, so the worst case scenario is that you might feel rejected by family or friends and that they think you’re weird.


And, by the way – I struggled with this for the longest time as well – so I truly get you! What helped me was to start seeing that by trying to please others and fit into their view of me, I disappointed myself.


I couldn’t BOTH chase my dreams, succeed in building my business and also tend to other people’s views of me. That’s their business – and not my job to manage. I decided that it’s more important to me to live my life the way that makes me happy and help like minded people live up to their potential – than maintaining a façade that I didn’t enjoy.


So, coming back to being consistent in your marketing. What I’ve just spoken about – fear of putting ourselves out there and speaking our truth is the number one reasons people fail in their marketing. And, that’s why I developed Holistic Marketing – because it’s not about your marketing strategy. It’s about your thoughts. It’s about the fears that are holding you back from going all in on your marketing and your business.


Now, it your worst-case scenario so bad that you want to consciously want to choose not to post on social media? Because, remember – what I’ve just talked to you about are actually subconscious patterns that are running in the background and making you take certain actions – or avoid taking actions. Now that you’re aware of it – you have the power to consciously choose a new mindset and consequently; new actions.



You also have to remember that you don’t HAVE TO do jack shit! You don’t HAVE to market your business, you don’t HAVE to work on your habits, you don’t HAVE to build your business. You could drop it RIGHT NOW. You could start working as a check out chick and do that for the rest of your life – easy!


BUT YOU WANT TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS!  You GET to help people for free through your marketing. You GET to create a business around what you love. You GET to go on a FREE platform to talk to anyone in the world about what you’re most excited about. Focus on giving back everything you’ve learned on your journey! Focus on DEVOTING yourself to your craft as a coach – to be HELPING people! Helping people is what drew you to want to become a coach in the first place – RIGHT?!



I know many of you get stuck on thinking that what you know, or have to offer, people already know – or aren’t interested in. NOT TRUE!


If they weren’t interested in hearing what you had to say, they would simply unfollow you.


And, paradoxically, the more you give away your best insights, the more and better insights you’ll be getting! Like anything, marketing is a SKILL. You don’t expect to speak a second language fluently if you don’t practice it. The more your PRACTICE speaking for example Spanish, the easier the words come to you. You don’t just magically get better and better without practicing. It’s the same with sharing


Another thing to remember is that you don’t have to be the expert of all experts to help people through your content. Remember when you were in grade 2 in primary school and you looked at the kids in grade six as SO smart and knowledgeable? It’s the same with sharing YOUR knowledge. You only need to be a tiny bit ahead of people to help them. Even if they are just as deep into self-development or coaching as you are, you might say some things in a different way that transforms their life. You say something that never occurred to them – something that helps them immensely.  


The reason you don’t stay consistent in your marketing because your THOUGHTS about yourself, your offer, your marketing and your potential clients.


·      If you truly thought that YOU were the best person to coach YOUR people, you’d show up more. You would pour your knowledge out for free (aka. Marketing) and help them see how valuable your offer is.   

·      If you thought that COACHING was the best way for your people to get results, you’d talk about it more. You would get in front of as many people as possible and show them how transformative it is to work with a coach.

·      If you thought that marketing is “helping people for free” and that what you share will be valuable for at least 1 person today”, you would post more often on social media.

·      If you thought that there were at least 10 people in your sphere actively looking to hire a coach with your niche RIGHT NOW, you would get resourceful about getting in front of as many of them as possible.  


Do you see how your beliefs inspires you so share more, show up in more ways – that it makes you put yourself out there consistently?


Trying to force ourselves to do something for the sake of DOING it will never stick. We will “self-sabotage” or simply quit if we don’t change our mindset first. When we WANT to do something, it becomes easy and ENERGIZING to take the action.


Be really onto yourself. If you see that you’re not sharing as much as you’d like or start telling yourself “I should be posting” – or even: “I can’t wait until I get to outsource my marketing to someone else”! You know that you’re thinking thoughts that are preventing you from marketing effectively.


We all have human brains, and even though you are a coach yourself. You know all the techniques to coach yourself, you are still too close to your own patterns to see them all. We all have blind-spots. We all need to be called out on our bullshit on a regular basis! I would never go a week without getting coached myself.  


So, if you’re a coach and you want to be in integrity, market consistently and grow into the version of yourself that is living on your vision board – make sure to get a free consultation today. Just hit me up in an Instagram message – my handle is @martinethomassencoaching.



Okay, my friend – I’ll talk to you next week!


xx Martine



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