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What do we have to do to attract people who are already sold on coaching, who are actively looking to hire a coach TODAY? In this podcast episode I give you the mindset hacks and what it takes to attract that type of clients!

Hello friend! I hope you had a lovely valentine’s day – whether it was a self-love day for you – or loving on someone else. I want to talk to you about attracting your best clients.


How to Build a Thriving Coaching Business

To build a thriving business, we need to have money coming in – and in a coaching business we obviously need clients. So, what do I mean by “Attracting the best clients”? I actually invite you to hit pause for a few seconds (YES, you do have time to do that), and ask yourself: What would MY best clients be like? The reason I ask you to think for yourself as well, is that you’ll get more out of the content when you do. Okay, over to you. Hit pause and think of three things that will make up your most ideal client.


Okay, so I obviously don’t know what you came up with, but feel free to message me on Instagram to let me know! I love connecting with those of you who are regular listeners AND I’m super excited to connect with new people who has just discovered this podcast.


NOW: Most of you will probably say that the BEST clients are those who are quite similar to yourself. That are going through something that you yourself have worked though. And, that’s great. However, you’ve probably forgotten the part where we include their MINDSET towards investing in coaching. And, that’s what we’ll be getting into today. To look at the importance of it and how to leverage it to grow your business faster.


If you’ve listened to my episode “Create a Niche that Sells”, you might be familiar with some of the concepts that I’ll be talking about. But, in this episode, I want to dive deeper into certain aspects of it.


How Do I Get Clients?

So, to clarify, what I mean when I say “the best clients” is that they are ready to invest in themselves, they are sold on coaching as the best tool for them to get their desired results. They KNOW that by working with a coach, they will upgrade their mindset and consequently get their results SO MUCH FASTER than trying to do it on their own. They realize that all the things they’ve tried until now – and the current mindset that they have, has created the RESULTS THAT THEY HAVE NOW. When they DO sign up for coaching, they are determined to create the results they came to get coaching on – no matter what. The best clients are the ones that are so committed to themselves and their results, that they will find a way to come up with the money to work with a coach. Because, they are so confident that they will get way more value from working with a coach, than the dollar amount that they invest



Because remember – there’s no such thing as too expensive if the value is great enough. If we had $100 0000 to spend, we wouldn’t spend that amount on an old bike. However, if we were offered a fancy sports car for that price – we would think it was cheap. Perceived value is everything. 


We never buy something that we think is worth LESS than the money we pay for it. So, we always want to create as much value for our clients as possible – and have them see that value through our marketing.


Now, you might argue that people only see the value in investing with a coach when it’s a business or marketing coach – that people pay money to earn more money. But that’s not true. If people valued HAVING money more than results, there wouldn’t be a billion-dollar weight-loss products industry. There wouldn’t be a billion dollar luxury goods industry. There wouldn’t be a billion dollar travel industry. Think about it. People wants to feel good. They want choice, status, freedom, health, being attractive, having a partner that they love, to feel happy, to not struggle with anxiety, weight or relationship issues. So, people don’t value money in and of itself, but rather what it can do for them. I could go on and on about this, but let’s stick to today’s topic: How to attract the best clients:


Okay, so how do we attract that caliber of clients? The ones that are sold on coaching, ready to sign up TODAY and will make sure that they get what they came for? What do we have to do to have them reach out to work with US?


Three words: WE GO FIRST.


We are Our First Client

Always, right?! We are always our first client and we can never ask our clients to do or be something that we don’t do ourselves – or what we aren’t willing to BE ourselves.


Also, we build confidence; in ourselves as coaches, in the service that we deliver and; in our people to get the results they want – when we’ve worked thought it ourselves. When we’ve created results through getting coaching ourselves.


We will agree, sympathize and jump into the pool with our clients if they are stuck on something that we believe ourselves. THAT IS NOT OUR JOB! I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be empathetic (which, by the way, is different to sympathetic). However, to help our clients create change, we don’t spend time sympathizing. We look at the root cause for why they have the results that they have today and we go to work. We stay neutral, we look at the circumstances from a factual perspective and help the client to have transformations around what’s holding them back from getting what they want. If we don’t do that for ourselves, through coaching, it will be super hard to do it for your clients.


So, here’s an example; you might think that investing in a coach is too expensive, or that YOU won’t get incredible results even though others are getting it. AND; these thoughts can be either conscious or subconscious, by the way. You might not be aware that this is the belief that is running in the back of your mind – and coloring the energy that you’re emitting. Our mindset and therefore energy is always affecting how your show up – and how your potential clients shows up.


Imagine coming across a coach who is all in, she is so sold on coaching. She is just SO convinced that it’s the best thing you could ever do for yourself. She invests in coaching herself and goas all in. She creates amazing results for herself and her clients.


Would you be attracted to hire her as a coach?


Or would you rather work with a coach who thinks investing in getting coaching own her own brain is too expensive – and doesn’t believe working with a coach will create the results that she wants?


You’d go with the former, right?


I tried to think of an analogy for this, and the first thing that came to mind was: Imagine going to the dentist. As you sat down in the chair, the dentist started smiling and you realized that their teeth were brown and full of cavities. You’d probably be pretty skeptical towards having them treat your teeth.


I feel like that could actually be a scene in a horror movie! But you get what I’m saying, right?


Intellectual Understanding vs Embodiment

So, we need to be in integrity with what we offer. We need to embody what we sell. You’re probably a huge self-help junkie, like myself. I mean, that’s one of the reasons why we wanted to become coaches, right? To be able to help people with all of the things we’ve learned through the years.


However, there is a HUUUUGE difference in reading a ton of books, listening to hundreds of podcast episodes and consuming thought leaders’ content on social media – AND actually implementing.


I’ll give you an example from my own life. For the past 15 years, I’ve been actively studying self-help, psychology, neuroscience, somatic experiencing, breathwork, spirituality, taken all kinds of certifications in alternative modalities. Everything from crystal healing and Reiki (which I did when I lived in Japan) to inner child modalities. Yes, I learned A LOT and I’ve been able to help a lot of people from that. HOWEVER, I have never EVER experienced growing more as a person, see the expansion in my business, improving my money mindset, growing my confidence, self-trust and  self-concept in a shorter time than when I started actively working with a coach. I have never learned more about myself or accessed my own inner wisdom more effectively than when I’ve been coached. And, that is, even though I coach myself all the time, having another coach work on my brain can’t compare when it comes to discovering limiting beliefs and patterns that I didn’t even realize that I had.


This is the difference of understanding something on an intellectual level and actually embodying it. To actually implement and TAKE ACTION as a result of this new, improved mindset. To start creating completely new and improved results.


Being in Integrity as A Coach

Yes, you know all the frameworks and tools to help you – but you’re a human being with a human brain – and we have subconscious patterns that we’re too close to be seeing ourselves. As I like to say, we’re too close to our own shit to even notice it. I suppose you could compare it to perfume. You know when you get a new scent and you wear it for the first time. You smell it all day every day – for a little while. Then, as you keep wearing it – your brain filters it out. You don’t consciously notice it anymore. Other people who stand close to you will smell it distinctly, but you won’t.


As coaches, we also have a responsibility of being a product of our product. We want to show people what’s possible with coaching. We do that by continuously working on ourselves and becoming better and better versions of ourselves. To create better and better results for ourselves. And, this is not to say that you’re not good enough right now. Because you are. We want to accept who we are AND we want to grow into the version of ourselves that has the life and business that we want.  And then, help others achieve it as well.


Why You Should Hire A Coach

Now, if you are having the thoughts “I don’t need a coach” or “hiring a coach is not a priority for me right now” or “I can’t afford to hire a coach”, you might want to stop and think for a minute how that shows up in your reality. If you, as a coach, who has seen how effective coaching is, who has gone to the extent where you’ve been certified or want to do this as your profession don’t prioritize it… How can you expect other people to want to invest in a coach?


We attract the caliber of people that we are and radiate into the world. If we’re in lack, we attract people who have a lack mentality. If we doubt whether to hire a coach, we attract people who doubt investing in coaching. If we don’t go all in on the coaching we HAVE invested in, showing up, making the most of it – then that’s the caliber of people that we attract as well.


On the contrary, if we get coached and see our own transformations over and over. If we prioritize spending our money on coaching, because we KNOW that we will get way more value back – whether it be through money, health, love, less anxiety or any other desired result. If we know in our heart of hearts that mindset is ALWAYS the first domino to fall – and that everything ripples from that – we attract people who believes the same. People are attracted to our energy, because they want what we have. They see that you are so in integrity with what you offer, that they want your help. Some people will find you and sign up straight away, whereas others will need to consume your content for a while before they mature into paying clients. But we don’t market just for the short term. We market for a long-term, sustainable, ever-growing business. The more you show up as your most ideal client, the more clients like that you’ll attract.  



If you’ve been on the fence for a while and thought about hiring a coach. Now is the time. Life will always get in the way unless we take responsibility for creating it. If you’re a coach and you want to get better at marketing, start actually ENJOY your marketing, get more confident in putting yourself out there, start having people reach out to work with you, let me know! Head on over to my website, and schedule a free 1 hour consultation.


Alright my friend, I hope this episode put a fire in your belly – to show up and be a product of your product!

I’ll talk to you next week, BYYYYYEEEEEEEE!


xx Martine

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