I used to be the shy girl...

. . .with one friend, and terrified of standing out.

I devoted my career to help other people stand out, backing it up with a masters’ degree in digital marketing.

I’ve done digital marketing for start-ups, scale-ups, multinational companies and agencies.

Marketing ourselves, however – whole nother kettle of fish! But I found the missing piece:

Through 15+ years of self development, exploring spirituality, psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, breath work and how our nervous system works – I created the framework that I call Holistic Marketing.

Holistic Marketing explains why marketing feels hard and icky, why you’re not putting yourself out there and procrastinating posting on social media, why you don’t know what to talk about – and why you’re not attracting clients.

I constantly hear coaches worrying about ads, funnels and other technical stuff to sign clients. 

If you know how to market holistically, you don’t need ads, funnels or a big audience to start signing more clients!

Holistic Marketing Martine

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