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I specialize in helping conscious women entrepreneurs release emotional and subconscious resistance to get more clients and grow their business. I help you overcome limiting beliefs, spend more time in your thrive zone, make your business exciting again, earn more money, and live life on your terms.

I specialize in helping entrepreneurial women like you, who want more purpose, abundance AND freedom in their life. Women like you, who want to contribute towards making the world a better place by living in your unique zone of genius. I help you realize your own potential, how to level up and live a life in alignment with your values, strengths and talents so as to flow and not hustle. Only you can know what success feels and looks like for you. By using powerful evidence based coaching techniques backed by neuroscience, I guide you to go within to find your truth. I coach you to trust in your power, your voice, to grow your confidence, live life on your terms – and how to manifest it in the fastest and most sustainable way for you specifically. Together we get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

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Martine was able to help me dig into my resistance around playing big in my business and we uncovered the source of it. WOW such a shift for me, now that I am consciously aware of this pattern I am able to work on transforming it! Thank you so much Martine for your presence, professionalism and intuition! – Sandra Dowsett – Vancouver, Canada

OLGA DIVAKOVA - Vancouver, Canada

"I’ve had a strong desire to publish my content for several years, but have been stuck. With Martine's coaching, I was able to pinpoint the underlying personal fears that were holding me back. For the first time, I could visualize how to build my project while taking my strengths, values and boundaries into consideration. Together we found avenues to launch my project in a way that felt safe and to grow sustainably, reaching my target audience internationally. I'm so excited about my huge shift after just one session with Martine, I recommend her services with all my heart. "

GINA BROWN - Cairns, Australia

"I’ve come a long way with my relationship to money, having moved from ‘never enough’ to ‘always enough’. What I came to the money mindset session searching for, was knowing how to receive ‘more than enough’. Martine was able to catapult me to a new level of understanding, getting to the heart of what has been holding me back. After our coaching call I felt lifted, inspired and changed! I’m so excited to see my new reality unfold!"


I had an amazing coaching session with Martine doing “Branding with Archetypes”. I have been trying to find my voice in the online space for a while. Martine helped me tremendously with clarifying the language in my messaging, and how to communicate the essence of my business in a simple way. I can warmly recommend her to anyone who needs help with marketing themselves as an entrepreneur.

I want to discover the exact steps for my business to grow to the next level now!

“if you master the art of releasing resistance, you don’t have to work hard on manifesting anything”.
- Teal Swan

The Holistic Marketing Podcast

In this podcast, I help you utilize your subconscious mind & holistic marketing to get fully booked – and enjoy the process!

Do you want to get better at marketing? Do you want your business to feel more fun while growing it? Do you want to serve your clients in a powerful way AND earn more money? Holistic Marketing teaches you to market in a way that makes people want to buy and in a way that is  in integrity with your values and feels good to your soul – so go have a listen!

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